Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Damned postal services!

music: Bright Eyes - Patient Hope In New Snow

I got the “retour de commande” mail from And that “commande” was my precious ticket for Conor’s concert in Brussels. They said they got the ticket back because the address was incomplete. WTF?? The address was complete, so I really can’t understand why the Romanian postal service sent it back. The only possible explanation would be that they’re a bunch of incompetents.

This guy from fnac I was on the phone with said they will send the ticket again. But if I don’t get the ticket until the 1st of September, I can only hope I’ll still find one on the day of the concert, at the venue.

Oh, fuck! This is a complete disaster! If on the 3rd of September I’m in Brussels, and I don’t get to see Conor in concert, I’ll have a fucking nervous breakdown.

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