Sunday, September 21, 2008

I can't believe I'm missing this!


Why the fuck am I not at the Leonard Cohen concert right now? Because I depend too much on other people, that's why (none of my friends expressed any interest in this concert T_T). But then again, that didn't stop me from going to Brussels for Conor's concert... Oh, this is going to be one of those things I'll regret not having done. Especially because this is a very special concert, since today it's Cohen's birthday. I can't believe I'm missing this!

I discovered Cohen's music in high school, when a friend lent me "Ten New Songs" (on cassette -- yes, we were still listening to music on cassettes in '03 or '04; CDs were too expensive, and we didn't have much music in a digital format -- we hadn't heard of SoulSeek haha). I immediately fell in love with his music. It was so different from all the crap I was listening to on a daily basis. And then I remember I was on a train when I heard some college students talking about Leonard Cohen, and in that moment I felt like I was part of some sort of a secret club (basically because, except that friend who introduced me to his music, no one I knew had ever heard of him).

Leonard Cohen - Who By Fire

Besides, I think Cohen's music made me more receptive to Conor's music. One of the very first Bright Eyes songs I listened to was We Are Nowhere, And It's Now, and my first thought was "this sounds a lot like Leonard Cohen". I often think it's such a pity I didn't discover Conor's music earlier, but then I wonder if I had been able to really appreciate it when I was 15-16...

Later edit: this threw me into a state of depression. Not only did this article make me regret I didn't go to the Leonard Cohen concert in Bucharest, but it also made me think even more about Conor's concert from Brussels. Fuck, I think I'm developing an unhealthy obsession for Conor...

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