Saturday, January 31, 2009

Those strange old times

music: Conor Oberst - Gentlemen's Pact

I've recently started browsing the audio category of the Internet Archive and I've found some really interesting radio shows from the 50s. I'm currently listening to Dimension X. I'm not a big fan of science fiction, but I find it very impressive that they could make quality science fiction shows on the radio. And there's something about those voices of the 50s (I don't know if it's the sound quality or the sound equipment they used back then, or simply the way ppl used to talk) that makes SF even more interesting. Plus, when I listen to this show I like to imagine it's on one of those retro radios, and not on my laptop.

[This listening experience actually reminds me of a Tom and Jerry episode (When I'm done with Dimension X, the horror series is next :D)]

Also: I started watching The Twilight Zone (the original) (Before this, I actually had no idea that The Twilight Zone I used to watch on a Romanian tv station during the 90s was just a remake.) I would probably miss watching tv if there were more well told stories like these instead of all those disgusting "reality" shows that tv producers keep shoving down our throats.