Sunday, April 19, 2009

My own private readingfest w/e

music: Faultline w/ Chris Martin - Your Love Means Everything Pt 2

*04/18/09: old issues of Cultura & Legături bolnăvicioase by Cecilia Ştefănescu

In high school, our principal teacher would bring us Dilema (now Dilema Veche), Cultura and other cultural publications and let us read articles during her class (hm, is there an equivalent for this class, "dirigenţie", in English? I'll have to look it up.) Or she would show us the latest books she'd bought -- I remember that one of those books was South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami; I took that as a recommendation, and read it too. Unfortunately, I was kind of disappointed with that book, and didn't read anything else by HM. Until now.

Anyhow, this summer I found those very few issues of Cultura that I had bought during high school, and for some reason I put them aside in order to re:read them. It's so strange to read these articles again and actually recognize (some of) the names of the ppl who've written them. Two yrs ago, I couldn't care less who wrote the articles I was reading. Now, the first thing I wanna do before reading an article is to see who the author is.

Also, I've finally read Legături bolnăvicioase by Cecilia Ştefănescu -- I've had this book ever since I saw the movie, Love Sick, for the first time (in 2006). Although a novel, the book is very poetic, and I love the atmosphere created by CŞ -- it makes me wanna read Nichita Stănescu's Ploaie în luna lui Marte over and over again. However, if this book has such a thing as a narrative line, I couldn't follow it; it was pretty confusing. (Funny thing: I started reading the book on Friday morning, and in the evening, the movie was on tv -- of course I watched it again. And now I keep listening to Your Love Means Everything Pt 2 on repeat, just like I did after having seen it for the 1st time. I've never really liked Coldplay, and I still don't get all the buzz around this band / Chris Martin, but this is one haunting song.)

*04/18/09: my kitty kat likes reading too ^_^

*04/19/09: Haruki Murakami & my rothkoesque walls
(and a badly edited photo, might I add)

This weekend I've finally finished reading HM's A Wild Sheep Chase (I like the Romanian title better: În căutarea oii fantastice). This book is so effin amazing!! that I don't want to spoil it with my silly observations. I think it's enough to say that I highly recommend it.

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