Thursday, May 28, 2009


music: Esbjorn Svensson Trio - Decade

[This year's TIFF (Transilvania International Film Festival) edition will have its start tomorrow and I'm obviously superexcited about it.]

Yesterday, at TIFF Cinematheque I saw Mircea Saucan's Suta de lei (or 100 lei). Growing up, I was under the impression that Romanian cinema consists of films based on the books we had to read for school and Sergiu Nicolaescu's movies based on historic events. But now with all these pre-89 art films I've been watching, it's like I'm discovering a whole new side of Romania. I'm in awe with the quality of these films mainly because I never thought they could make such films in Romania let alone that they actually made such films before 1989.

I loved Suta de lei -- a B&W movie from the 70s. You can tell Mircea Saucan was a poet because this film is indeed very poetic. And Dan Nutu was amazing! I was so sad when I googled him and found out he left the country a long time ago. It's like this country does sth to talented ppl, it's sth that consumes them bit by bit and eventually forces them to leave. I dunno...


I would love it if there were a Cinematheque in Cluj, where I could watch films like this one and of course films by Godard and all the other Nouvelle Vague auteurs.

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