Monday, June 8, 2009

My TIFF - Day 10

music: Bright Eyes - We Are Nowhere and It's Now

Sweet Rush. Last yr at TIFF I saw another movie directed by Andrej Wajda, Katyn, and that's why I wanted to see this one too. Besides, the story behind the movie is interesting. I liked how they incorporated the personal story of the main actress into the movie, which resulted in a movie in a movie. Sweet Rush is very touching, and I liked it (the fact that I almost fell asleep a few times has nothing to do with the movie haha).

Il passato e una terra straniera. My TIFF started with an Italian production and it ended with another one. Unfortunately, this was a Rai Cinema production, so I knew I couldn't expect much (the only Rai production that I liked was Il Bell'Antonio). I guess I could compare it, to a certain extent, to Hell -- as far as the whole 'live fast die young' thing goes. Il passato... is the worst movie I've seen at TIFF this year; it was so not interesting and def not a good choice to end this TIFF series.

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