Friday, June 5, 2009

My TIFF - Day 7

music: Neil Young - Sugar Mountain (Live at Canterbury House, 1968)
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Politist, adjectiv / Police, adjective. Who would have thought that you could make a movie with most of the dialogues revolving around DEX and the Romanian Academy? Well, Corneliu Porumboiu has done it and he's done a great job. No wonder he won two awards at Cannes with this movie.

At the beginning, the pace of the movie is pretty slow. Actually, during the Q&A that followed the screening, Porumboiu did say he has a preference for real time. That was obvious in A fost sau n-a fost? too. And just like in A fost sau n-a fost?, the dialogues from Politist, adjectiv are brilliant!

Also, Vlad Ivanov managed to make his little part memorable. I must admit that this character, being quite authoritarian, made me think of Ivanov's character from 432. He's actually the reason why I cannot watch 432 again. I know this is silly, but Ivanov played that part so well that he scared me.


I had a ticket for Katalin Varga too, but since I'm such a scatter-brain I've "managed" to miss it (T_T)

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