Monday, June 8, 2009

My TIFF - final impressions

music: Bright Eyes - Amy In the White Coat

  • I only saw one movie that was in the competition, Porumboiu's Politist, adjectiv, which was also the winner, alongside Nord [the complete list of winners here].
  • The highlight for me: Antichrist. Of course! I supposed there would be lots of ppl coming to see it but I didn't expect there would be so many. And I sat on a little bench, which was really uncomfortable, but it was so worth it!
  • I managed to keep the promise I made to myself, that is not to go to the mall to watch movies, TIFF or no TIFF.
  • Arta is my favourite movie theater (it's the closest to a cinematheque), and I hate it that ppl care more about the fate of Republica. OK, besides the recently opened multiplex in the mall, this is the biggest movie theater in Cluj, it has a wider screen, and it has the best sound system. But outside TIFF they only play crappy Hollywood blockbusters, so why are they even surprised ppl don't go to see them? At Arta, however, they always have movies that are worth paying a ticket for. Unfortunately, lately they've been playing movies that they've already played, which can only mean one thing: they've got money problems too. So why doesn't anyone care about saving Arta? (T_T)
  • I know I'm horrible for saying this, but I actually like going to the movies and finding the movie theater almost empty. Why? Because when the movie theater is (almost) full, I'll certainly end up sitting next to / in front of sm who will talk during the entire movie. It happened at Tokyo Sonata, Cea mai fericita fata din lume and Sweet Rush. I don't understand why ppl can't just shut up and wait for the movie to end and then comment upon it. But I have to admit it's a bit funny too, because most of the times you can hear the most idiotic comments.
  • Also, I don't understand why ppl don't sit through the credits. Sometimes, you can find out interesting things. For e.g., I spotted a Romanian name on the credits for Antichrist (Dan Loghin for the editorial department), and they had a research department too (they did a research on misogyny, among others).
  • Overall, this yr's selection was better than last yr's and I'm sorry I've missed Shirin, Come Back Kate, Mammoth, Winter Silence, Involuntary, Gomorra, Katalin Varga, Buick Riviera and the special screenings of Almodovar's Matador and Hitchcock's The Lodger.
  • I'm sorry I've missed the 'Cuba continues' photo exhibition of Cosmin Bumbut. After having seen Cea mai fericita fata din lume, I met R. and we wanted to go see the exhibition, but there was a press conference and we couldn't enter (T_T).
  • Note to self for next yr: try to go to as many films as possible during the first days of the festival. There are way too many ppl during the second weekend.

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