Sunday, June 28, 2009

The exile of Rudolf, Andrew and Dinu

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Last night I read the most touching book I've read in... well, in a really long time -- Uncle Rudolf, by Paul Bailey.

Why Paul Bailey is so fascinated with Romania is still a mystery to me, but I can only be glad an English author has written a book about the exile of a partly Jewish Romanian. He has managed to play so well with those Romanian words, and most importantly, with the idea of language as part of an identity. I like this review of the book:
It is Bailey's triumph to show a pan-European catastrophe through an ironic technique of miniaturism and understatement that aestheticises mass terror, while indicating the unfathomable depths of human bestiality over which language is a veneer.
You can also read this review (in Romanian).


The few pages about Dinu Lipatti's final recital brought me to tears... so beautifully written.

I've been looking for some recordings of Dinu Lipatti (on vinyl, if possible) for quite a while, and haven't found anything yet (T_T) Until I find sth, I'll have to make do with what is available on youtube.

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