Monday, July 20, 2009

25 ghosts

music: Monsters of Folk - Say Please

I feel the need to understand how sm who has tortured so many ppl (or even just one person) can live with himself/herself, but I'm afraid I'll never be able to.

I'm reading a little sth about the concentration camp that existed in my hometown in 1944, and even though I've read and heard so much about methods of torture, I still can't believe sm was capable of such horrible deeds. Or maybe it's more like I can't believe sth like that happened in the little town where I've lived my whole life.

What's strange is that I only found out about this in high school, when one of my English teachers mentioned it. Until then, for me that forest was just a place where ppl went for picnics and to have a relaxed fun day. As a kid, I would go there quite often, and I simply cannot explain to myself how come, in all those yrs, no one's ever mentioned anything about the dark past of that place. Is it just ignorance or doesn't anyone care at all?

I don't know why I felt the need to go there now, why this sudden interest of mine to find out what's happened there... It was so sad to see that there was absolutely nothing there that could remind us of that dark past: around 7,700 Jews held there for 23 days, till they were taken to Auschwitz, and 25 deaths because of the cruelty of their torturers.

(more photos: bright as a nazi lampshade (1), bright as a nazi lampshade (2) and witnesses)


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plectrude said...

Thank you!

I'll have to check out that cover.

Also, I'll definitely follow your blog. It looks like it's very well documented. And if I come across any Romanian movie blogs in English, I'll let you know :)