Thursday, July 16, 2009


music: Leonard Cohen - Suzanne

I wrote a little sth for Dilema veche a while ago, and today they published it. I've been so excited about this because when I was reading it in high school I would say to myself that I could never write as well as those ppl write (and that's still true), that I could never write sth that would be worth publishing in those pages. And now that I've finally seen my name there, I don't know... I feel so empty I guess. It just feels like everything I do is so pointless, that nothing's ever going to change (but I think I've already said this here, so this post is rather pointless too).

And then, the insecure kid in me asks 'why?' Why would M. offer me such a chance? I've done nothing to deserve it. Well, I guess I'm not used to ppl doing nice things for me for no reason...

Ugh, I can't believe how ungrateful I can be sometimes! I should just enjoy the moment and stop worrying about the uncertain future and about my meaningless existence for at least one day.

P.S. a link will probably be available on Monday, and I'll update this post.

Update: and here's the link: Povestile Suzannei

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