Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My dose of Conor

music: Conor Oberst & MVB - Spoiled

Conor & MVB's performance on Letterman, from last night, is already online *yay!*
(lately, youtube has proven to be an unreliable source for me; nevertheless, you can still find great stuff there)

Spoiled / Letterman, 07/06

(I love Conor's hat! ^_^)


Also, yesterday I came across some scans of a recent Rolling Stone article about Conor & MVB, and I was kinda sad to find out he's planning on putting an end to the Bright Eyes project. But at the same time I'm looking forward to hearing about his future projects I guess. Besides, I'm glad he's the exploring type of artist -- it's quite refreshing to know he won't be doing the same thing for the rest of his life.


I should definitely check out this LJ community more often. This is a little treasure:

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