Monday, September 7, 2009

Sincerely, L. Cohen - part 2

music: Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah

First of all, here's the link to the text I wrote for LiterNet: Un gentleman generos. (Having this published is quite encouraging, but this doesn't mean I'll become delusional and think that I can actually write. Ugh... sometimes I think I'm such an idiot for worrying so much.)


I'm starting to believe that, when I go a concert I really care about, I'm a magnet for drunk ppl :)) Last year, at Conor's concert, there was that drunk lady who shouted "I'm ashamed of you, Belgium!" (that's still quite funny), and this year, at Cohen's concert there were two drunk men, who had seats right behind us. I kind of managed to ignore the one who was almost constantly talking (he was very vocal about wanting to hear So Long Marianne hehe), but other ppl couldn't.

Anyways, what anyone could notice right away was that there were ppl of all ages at the concert. And of all nationalities. I didn't really pay attention to the languages spoken around me, but CC told me there were lots of Israelis and Greeks. Also, we had seats next to some Americans. It's so funny -- this girl we talked a bit to was so surprised that we traveled for 11 hours by train to come to the concert. I mean, they traveled for 14 hours by plane to see Leonard Cohen -- we were supposed to be the ones surprised :P

Overall, only beautiful ppl (^_^)


L. said...

Isn't it possible that the Americans were already in Romania and they didn't come esp. for him? I mean, I suppose he has concerts in US more often than here.
Nice review, btw.

plectrude said...


No, they did say they came for the concert, and that L. Cohen announced a second US tour and they would see him again in the States. Besides, you know, concerts are a great excuse to get out of the country and do some traveling -- that's what I did last year :P