Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sincerely, L. Cohen

music: Leonard Cohen - The Future

I wish I had a more interesting story (than this) about how I discovered Leonard Cohen's music or to have a story with his music as the soundtrack to it, but I don't... And that makes it so difficult to explain to someone else why I feel so connected to his music, or why I like it in the first place.

Now I find myself in the same situation as I did last year, when I saw Conor live - how can I possibly explain how amazing it was to see live a musician that I never thought I'd have the chance to see live? In Conor's case, I didn't think that was possible because he'd never come in Romania, and in Cohen's case - I didn't think he would ever tour again, let alone that he'd tour two years in a row and come back to Romania.

But the impossible happened, and I did get a second chance to see Leonard Cohen live. So, September 4, Bucharest (this date will forever be printed in my memory) - CC and I got to the stadium pretty early, and the rehearsal wasn't over yet. I could hear Who By Fire, and thought: wow! this is so weird - last year, when Cohen came in Romania for the first time, I was sitting in my room, into a state of depression, listening to Who By Fire on repeat, and now the fact that I would actually listen to that same song live was so incredible!

[to view large, just click on the photo]

The concert, which exceeded all my expectations, started with Dance Me to the End of Love. When Cohen introduced the band, I thought the concert was already over, and couldn't believe it went by so fast. But I was wrong! That was just the end of the first part, so now I couldn't believe the concert was going to be so long. And the encore! Oh. my. gosh. the encore was so special! It was like a long goodbye letter signed Sincerely, L. Cohen. I feel like we took advantage of his generosity, asking him to come back on stage so many times, but I don't exactly feel guilty about it. I mean, I'm quite sure that this is his last European tour.

The most special moment, for me, was when he performed Hallelujah. That song does something to me every time I listen to it. And I felt so privileged (yeah, I think that's the right word) to be able to listen to it live. I somehow wanted to capture that moment so that I can hold on to it forever. But you know, reality is cruel - no photo or video could do justice to such a moment (I did, however, record a fragment of Hallelujah :P).

I posted the set list on my listography page, here.

(I'm sorry this post is so rushed. I've just written a text about the concert for LiterNet, and now I don't feel capable of writing more. That text might not get published, though, in which case I'll post it here, even if it's in Romanian, because I wouldn't want to "abort" it. Plus, I'll def write another post about the lovely ppl and not so lovely that came to the concert - soonish.)

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