Thursday, October 29, 2009

Artsy. Zero social skills.

music: Port O'Brien - My Will Is Good

Chatting with G. about music and movies at an art exhibition - oh wow, how very artsy of me. As I was walking home, I ran into R. and he told me about a painting exhibition organized by the University of Art and Design (UAD). This is the first time I've seen works by UAD students and I was quite impressed. These ppl are really talented. Also, Catherine Millet, editor in chief of Art Press Paris was there (she was awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Cause earlier today). R. told me about her; I don't wanna pretend I just knew who Catherine Millet was or why she was there. I do know about Art Press. I've never read it, but I suppose now I have a reason to borrow some issues from CCF. I guess I would've liked to take some pics just to remember some of the works I liked, but there were too many professional photographers, and I would've been too embarrassed to be seen with my toy-like camera. I was already embarrassed about my clothes. No matter what I wear, I always feel ridiculous. I love it that now I can wear summer dresses w/ boots, which feels so comfy. However, longish dresses/skirts look bad on me (I'm short and I will not wear heels). Why am I talking about my clothes? R. took lots of photos, so I'll just check those out once he uploads them on FB *grin*. Fuckity fuck! I hate it that I have to wake up at 6 a.m. Why did it feel so weird to hang out with G.? I mean, it was for 5 min or so, anyways. I wish I could hang out with him more, but then again, what on earth would I talk to him about? I mean, I can talk forever about music and movies but I do realize that can be annoying for some ppl. Just for some? Yeah, I guess for most ppl. And lately, because I don't know what to talk about w/ some ppl or maybe because I don't pay attention to what I'm saying, I've developed this really uncool habit. Um... actually, I hope it's not a habit. I hope it hasn't happened more than two or three times because I certainly don't wanna be labeled a name-dropper. I was talking to G., and for some reason I mentioned sm's name; I immediately wanted to slap myself or sth cause that was so not cool. How come I haven't listened to Port O'Brien till now? They sound pretty good, and fun, too. And this Bridezilla band seems ok, too. I don't think I have time to sleep anymore. I need some black coffee.


Alina said...

I really think you should trust yourself more and care less about what other people might think. Just go with the flow.

plectrude said...

I'm so self-centered that I care more about what I think of myself than about what other ppl might think. I don't know if that makes sense :))