Saturday, October 10, 2009


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After having watched the pilot for HBO's Bored to Death, I posted a tweet about it, and surprise! The guys at HBO (@boredtodeath) asked me and two other Twitter users if they could quote us in a promo for Bored to Death. (I had no idea Twitter can be so fun!)

Now, I think it's obvious that I don't watch Bored to Death on HBO (*shh!*). (I'm sure it will be picked up by HBO Romania, but only after the first season is aired in its entirety in the US) So of course I haven't seen the promo (I was hoping it would eventually be on youtube, but no luck there). Anyhow, thanks to @thepegisin, I can now share a still of said promo *yay*.

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and the original tweet:

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thepegisin said...

Hi @plectrude,

I blogged my end of our encounter in cyberspace as well:


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