Wednesday, January 6, 2010


music: Ane Brun - Changing of the Seasons

I've noticed a lot of bloggers are doing this 52-books-in-52 weeks thing, and since I'm a copycat, I'll start my own 52/52 *grin*.

I like reading, but I never seem to be able to read as much as I would want to. Mainly because I'm a slow reader. Some ppl finish reading a book in two hours; it takes me waaay longer. Plus, I have to admit I don't get those fast reading techniques. I guess they might help if you have to read a lot of theory. However, I can't imagine why anyone would want to apply those same techniques when reading Garcia Marquez, for example; that would be just cruel! When I read Marquez, I need to absorb every single word, and I don't care if that's "not being productive".

Also, for school I have to read a chapter from here, a chapter from there, which basically means that I'm reading several books in parallel; and I never finish any of them.

So, my new year's resolution (or whatever you want to call it) is to read a book/week. Making it "public" will hopefully keep me on the right track and I won't give up *keeping my fingers crossed*.

The first book is Susie Orbach's Bodies.

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