Sunday, February 7, 2010

4/52: The Road

music: Black Box Recorder - Child Psychology

The blackness he woke to on those nights was sightless and impenetrable. A blackness to hurt yours ears with listening. Often he had to get up. No sound but the wind in the bare and blackened trees. He rose and stood tottering in that cold autistic dark with his arms outheld for balance while the vestibular calculations in his skull cranked out their reckonings. An old chronicle. To seek out the upright. No fall but preceded by a declination. He took great marching steps into the nothingness, counting them against his return. Eyes closed, arms oaring. Upright to what? Something nameless in the night, lode or matrix. To which he and the stars were common satellite. Like the great pendulum in its rotunda scribing through the long day movements of the universe of which you may say it knows nothing and yet know it must.

- Cormac McCarthy, The Road

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I've followed everyone's advice and haven't watched the movie before reading the book. Judging by the trailer, I'd say they've done a decent job. But I'll have to watch the entire movie, obviously. Soonish, I hope.

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The next book is Jurnal (Journal) by Sorin Stoica.

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