Friday, March 19, 2010

Let the Runaways obsession begin

music: The Runaways - Cherry Bomb

It's gonna be a while till I can watch The Runaways, yet I'm already a bit obsessed with it *grin*. Despite the bad reviews it's gotten, I know I'll love it - it's one of those movies that gets me so high (as in "I'm gonna go out there and do sth awesome!"), and then so low (as in "Oh fuck. I'm a failure. I can't do anything" & so on).

If I understood well, the movie focuses on the price the girls payed for entering the sex, drugs & rock'n'roll world at such a young age. Now, I'm not sure I like that... Anyways, I want to read the book too after I see the movie, just for the sake of contrasting and comparing. Speaking of which:

The Runaways - Cherry Bomb

Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart - Cherry Bomb

Joan Jett - I Love Playing With Fire

Kristen Stewart - I Love Playing With Fire

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Foggy morning

music: Death Cab For Cutie - Meet Me On the Equinox

07:07 a.m.

07:07 a.m.

07:08 a.m.

07:16 a.m.

07:17 a.m.

07:17 a.m.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Teodora Enache in concert

music: Bright Eyes - Happy Accident

The person I sat next to asked me out the blue if I'd been to any jazz concerts before, and now I feel so embarrassed. I think Alexandru Anastasiu's was the only jazz concert I had been to... But then again, I haven't been to many concerts. Period.

(Not so long ago, I've discovered Bernstein's Omnibus lectures for CBS. There's one episode about jazz and I think that's a good first step in understanding jazz. I'll have to watch it again, though -- more carefully.)

I wish I had jotted down the set list. Now I can hardly remember what they've played... Anyways. Teodora Enache has a lovely voice. I'm so glad she finally played somewhere else than at Diesel (I can't bring myself to step into that club; def not alone).

+ photos from the concert on Teodora Enache's FB page

Monday, March 8, 2010

When theatre meets cinema

music: Michael Mantler - The Remembered Visit

One week after having seen Ingmar Bergamn's Cries and Whispers I went to see Andrei Șerban's Cries and Whispers at the Hungarian Theatre.

Both the film and the play are so intense! Even though Harriet Andersson (Agnes) quoted Bergman as saying the four women in his film could have easily been four men, I don't subscribe to this universalism. (The way I see it, the mother's boredom as well as the fact that Karin and Maria are married to men who are not capable of satisfying them are connected to the cases of hysteria from the 19th / early 20th century. Obviously, the film can be read on many levels, but ultimately, it presents the portraits of four women. And it does that in such a way that one might think that Bergman has a deep understanding of what being a woman actually means. I really don't think the effect would have been the same had the main characters been men.)

What Andrei Șerban did with the play is quite clever. If he had stuck to Bergman's script, that might have been a bit boring for those who had already seen the film. Instead, he transformed Bergman into a character. This way, biographical elements intertwined with his creation -- for the cinephile in me, this was like Wonderland! It was like an exclusive behind the scenes. Oh, and I sat in the first row, and Agnes held my hand (it was unexpected and lovely, but at the same time a bit weird, I'll admit; I'm not that crazy about the breaking of the fourth wall). I so want / need to see this play again! (Also, I so have to start learning Hungarian. I already have a Hungarian accent anyways ;))


Cries and Whispers: behind the scenes

The play ends exactly with the final scene from the film (in the following youtube video, starting at the 1:03 mark), which is screened on the wall without any subtitles.