Sunday, March 14, 2010

Teodora Enache in concert

music: Bright Eyes - Happy Accident

The person I sat next to asked me out the blue if I'd been to any jazz concerts before, and now I feel so embarrassed. I think Alexandru Anastasiu's was the only jazz concert I had been to... But then again, I haven't been to many concerts. Period.

(Not so long ago, I've discovered Bernstein's Omnibus lectures for CBS. There's one episode about jazz and I think that's a good first step in understanding jazz. I'll have to watch it again, though -- more carefully.)

I wish I had jotted down the set list. Now I can hardly remember what they've played... Anyways. Teodora Enache has a lovely voice. I'm so glad she finally played somewhere else than at Diesel (I can't bring myself to step into that club; def not alone).

+ photos from the concert on Teodora Enache's FB page

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