Monday, August 30, 2010

Saturday. Bonchida. Bánffy #1

music: Wildbirds and Peacedrums - The Wave

Bonțida (Bonchida in Hungarian) is sorta halfway between my hometown and Cluj, yet I haven't been there till now. So, the Bonchida Days was a good excuse to go; plus, I wanted to check out the flea market - unfortunately, it was mostly overpriced junk. Even the postcard I bought was overpriced, and I didn't see anything else that I would've wanted to buy (except for that Polaroid camera in the 4th pic, but where would I find film for it?)

Too bad it was so cloudy... my pics of the Bánffy Castle are so blah.

(Is it pretentious of me to start a photo Tumblr - taking into consideration the fact that I have a toy camera and that I lack any sense of visual aesthetics? I guess it is... but even though I looove Flickr, it would be ridiculous to pay that fee just to have my silly pics online. Well, anyways: I'll try to keep it somewhat coherent, and less chaotic than my Flickr.)


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