Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's a shell game

music: Bright Eyes - Shell Games

The People's Key album art (source: Saddle Creek)

Guess what has just made my day? The new Bright Eyes song, of course: Shell Games. Needless to say, I've already downloaded it from Saddle Creek and it's on repeat.

Yesterday I was reading Conor's interview for the Interview magazine, and (as silly as this may sound) I got so jealous of all these music critics who have already listened to The People's Key in its entirety. And this interview -- which reveals quite a lot of details about the album -- is the perfect teaser. After reading it, I tweeted sth about wanting to listen to a new Bright Eyes song already, and vu que a day later I'm listening to Shell Games, sm there at Saddle Creek must have heard me (JK).

About Shell Games: the song has Bright Eyes written all over it. It's lyric-driven, and Mike Mogis's production is impeccable, as always. But somehow, you can tell there's sth different about this one. Maybe that's because Conor has changed during these past few years. (I wish I could get to that place where Conor is, mentally, spiritually and all that, but for the moment I'm stuck in fevers-and-mirrors-land.)

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Later edit: another awesome interview with Conor: Conor Oberst Discusses 'Spooky' Sci-Fi Album and the Future of Bright Eyes at Spinner

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