Monday, December 20, 2010

Revisiting Twin Peaks

music: Neva Dinova - A Man And His Dream

Twin Peaks, 1x03 Zen and the Art of Killer-Catching

18 years later, or so. If my memory serves me right, Twin Peaks was broadcast on TVR in 1992. I was six at the time, and watching it again now, I couldn't help wondering: what the hell were my parents thinking when they let me watch this? Even though Twin Peaks is not as scary as my six-year-old self remembers it, there's so much violence and sex talk, and everybody's having an affair with everybody -- the content is so not suitable for a kid.

I've been wanting to re:watch Twin Peaks for a long time (I couldn't watch it when it was on Pro Cinema last year (or was it this year?) basically because, like many others I'm sure, I've lost the habit of watching tv series on tv). And after reading David Lynch's Catching the Big Fish I went through the entire series in just a few days. Clearly, that book was the incentive I needed. And that book is also the key to understanding Dale Cooper. If you know David Lynch practices transcendental meditation, suddenly Cooper's methods don't seem all that weird anymore.


Laura Palmer. Twin Peaks has an undeniable (and deserving) cult status. However, I can see why the ratings have dropped during the second season. Once the mystery of Laura Palmer's death was solved, the series became rather uninteresting, and it took them a while to make it interesting again. On a side note: as it became clear that Laura had slept with Audrey's dad, I was like: Veronica Mars! (Twin Peaks must have been an influence.)

Twin Peaks, 1x01 Pilot

The music. The haunting music of Angelo Badalamenti is definitely one of the highlights of Twin Peaks.

Coffee. Coffee is extremely important in Twin Peaks:

Also: a while ago, I came across a pop culture gem -- a series of ads David Lynch made for Georgia Coffee.

(I just realized that, unintentionally, I watched Twin Peaks on its 20th anniversary :)

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