Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Conor!

music: Bright Eyes - Approximate Sunlight

Photo by Autumn De Wilde

Happy Birthday, Conor! And happy The People's Key release day!

(I'll take this opportunity to share a couple of things which, for reasons that elude me, I haven't shared yet.)


A few months ago I read Franzen's Freedom, and reading it during the hype was quite exciting. The book was already enjoyable and coming across a paragraph about Bright Eyes was an even more joyous treat. And then I turned the page and I was in awe: more paragraphs about Bright Eyes! Ah... it was quite the emotional reading experience that one.

I can't help but wonder if Franzen is a Bright Eyes fan. And Conor must know about these pages by now, but has he actually read Freedom?

Also: did this concert actually took place? Conor has played a few times at the 9:30 Club with Bright Eyes, but I doubt the account in the book is based on an actual concert, first of all because I don't think Conor has ever been on stage wearing a tuxedo hehe. (You can still listen to Bright Eyes' concert at the 9:30 Club from 2005 at NPR - that was the earliest 9:30 concert I was able to find.)

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The wonderful performance of Monsters of Folk at Austin City Limits 2010:

Watch the full episode. See more Austin City Limits.

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