Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I wish I were at that listening party...

music: Bright Eyes - The People's Key

I wish I were at that listening party...


Bright Eyes: YouTube Intro

Do check out Bright Eyes' YouTube playlist - they've picked out some really good videos.

Conor [about the full album stream]: "We'd prefer it if you listened to only 10 seconds of each song before deciding what you think of it, and then if you see a comment make sure to viciously attack it and contradict it even if you agree with it." ;)) It's no secret that Conor doesn't like social media and this so-called communication via the Internets, but he's cool for agreeing to play the game, isn't he?

This little joke about social media reminded me of some other stuff he said in interviews, and I realized that sometimes, his attitude about concert crowds, fans and/or critics might come across as quite cynical or even snarky. And if this were any other musician, I would probably stop buying his records and I wouldn't even recommend his music to other people (how hipstery of me, right? :). But Conor... I don't know, there's sth special about his music and he could say whatever and I wouldn't be mad at him. Besides, fandom is a pretty irrational thing, so I can understand why he doesn't understand it. Anyways...


This listening party, i.e. the video for the full album stream makes me regret tremendously that I suck at socializing because I'd so love to host listening parties - especially considering the fact that I have a few albums on vinyl, and it would be nice if every now and then I had sm with whom I could listen to them. Speaking of vinyl: I'm thinking about ordering The People's Key on vinyl from Music Box. I've never ordered anything from Amazon basically because their system confuses me, and ordering it directly from Saddle Creek would mean a shipping fee that I cannot afford. Not to mention the fact that the Romanian Postal Service cannot be trusted when it comes to international orders. The only problem would be that if Music Box doesn't add The People's Key on vinyl to their catalog, I'll have to send them an email and ask if they can get it for me. And the last time I did that they sent me the Monsters of Folk CD, even though I had told them very clearly that I wanted that album on vinyl. Either way, it's gonna be a while till I can get my hands on a physical copy of The People's Key.

After the jump, a ton of screen caps (only 12, actually *grin*) taken from the video of the listening party (mostly, of Conor showing things and making funny faces hehe). Clearly, I have way too much free time on my hands. f(^_^) And just one more thing: the simple fact that Conor framed an article in which he was called Just A Dylan Wannabe makes me love him even more. (^_^)


Yay for Conor! It's well deserved.


... and Conor leaves the listening party.

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