Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 20 (part one)

music: Sharon Van Etten - Save Yourself

{1} going to Cluj
{2} reading material for the train trip: Kafka's Trial + my ticket for Zenobia, the reason for my going to Cluj
{3-5} I haven't been in Cluj since October (!) & now I felt like a tourist
{6-10} also since October: I haven't been in a bookstore. just to stare at books. I don't need books, I don't need books, I don't need books - thus went my mantra while I was at Humanitas yesterday. No, seriously: I don't need new books. I want new books, but I don't need them. (un)fortunately, I couldn't stay long, so I was out of there pretty quickly. and just as I was on my way out I noticed the new Lolita edition parue chez Polirom.

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