Saturday, April 9, 2011

Encore: MM

music: Marilyn Monroe - My Heart Belongs to...*

*Okay, that song title is freaking creepy - I can't even finish writing it. However, the musical number itself is really something!

Let's Make Love is impossible to love. I saw Bus Stop on Thursday and besides being worst than I had imagined, it was also incredibly machista. Even for those times. So, while I was watching Let's Make Love earlier today I still had my feminist glasses on. It's quite amazing how many of these (old) romantic comedies have a narrative based on deception. The girl is fooled, but in the end she always falls for the guy, because... Hm, why does Amanda (Marilyn) fall in love with Alexander Dumas (Yves Montand)? No, not with Jean-Marc Clement. Why does she fall for Alexander Dumas? I really don't get that. The guy has no depth, no texture, nada. Is his lack of talent supposed to be endearing, or sth? Unfortunately, Let's Make Love is ba-ad, whether you look at it from a feminist perspective or not.

After having seen Marilyn play a not so talented "chanteuse" in Bus Stop, seeing her in Let's Make Love was quite refreshing. Obviously, none of the numbers here can be compared to this, but they are more than okay. Plus: I love Marilyn in that sweater. I love her in that trench coat, and that beret looks awfully cute (black berets always look better on blondes, darn!). And I love her in that (other) famous dress, which she also wore at JFK's birthday.

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