Thursday, April 21, 2011

On my desk: Nil by Mouth

music: Portishead - Machine Gun

Nil by Mouth, the DVD I got from cinesseur. Sank you! (^_^)

Riddle: what do Catherine Hardwicke and Gary Oldman have in common, besides Red Riding Hood? They each made one raw movie. I find it rather strange that Oldman hasn't directed any other movies since 1997. It's not like he was busy acting in artsy movies, or anything like that.

Why the 18 rating for Nil by Mouth? Um, let's see: massive use of the C word and plenty of violence, in general, and domestic violence, in particular. The feminist in me was rooting for Valerie (Kathy Burke), and in the end she let me/ herself/ her daughter down. But hey, this is realism and you don't get to see any empowering stories. The sad truth is that the path and behavioral patterns of women like Valerie (and those of men like Ray) are so firmly established that there's little to no room for change. I really liked the subtlety of the end of Nil by Mouth (and I think it has the same feel as the end of Mike Leigh's Another Year... yes? no? I don't know, I might be saying this just because Another Year is fresher in my memory).

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