Friday, April 29, 2011

Un mundo descomunal

music: Nacha Pop - Lucha de gigantes


I've finally seen Biutiful and once again I came to the conclusion that no matter how many of Iñárritu's movies I see, Amores Perros stays at the top of my list. I first watched Amores Perros for a very superficial reason - Gael García Bernal - and in the end I discovered not a only a good actor (because Bernal really is a good actor) but also a good director. He's actually one of the very few directors whose work I had the chance to follow chronologically, and right from the beginning (well... minus the shorts - those are always a bit more difficult to find).

After having seen Amores Perros for a second time, I had Lucha de gigantes on repeat. Listening to it again now, I realize that it perfectly describes the world you see in Iñárritu's movies.

Lucha de gigantes

en un mundo descomunal
siento mi fragilidad

me da miedo la enormidad
donde nadie oye mi voz

monstruo de papel
no se contra quien voy
o es que acaso hay alguien más aquí?

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