Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30

music: The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon


{1} UBB
{2-3} TIFF posters (I only got three tickets for TIFF. will get more during the festival. hopefully. and no, I did not get a ticket for Pina. to hell with 3D!)
{4} train station, duh.
{5} reading material for my train ride back home: the TIFF program & Julio Cortázar's Las armas secretas
{6} because my wardrobe desperately needed another granny dress haha. err, I have no idea what to wear. especially during summer.
{7} I cannot believe I found an obscure horror movie at Diverta. the truth is I only got May on DVD because it was incredibly cheap. they also had Ginger Snaps: Unleashed, but I haven't seen that one and I don't even want to. it would've been really cool if they had the first movie, Ginger Snaps - I did like that one. and I would've liked to own this pair - May and Ginger Snaps - because I watched them one after another, following this recommendation from Bitch. hm, I can think of one person for whom May would make a great gift. in which case, I shouldn't have mentioned it here... anyways, I'll probably just be selfish and keep it for myself f(^_^)
{8-9} new cup & new earrings. that I do not deserve.

PS I fucking hate the heat! I have nothing against sunny weather, but the heat. the heat!

PPS Oh yeah, this was the first time I went out since this. I'm more of a freak than Tim Burton's freaks. Don't judge.

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