Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tiny litlle thing

music: Suicide - Ghost Rider

Normally, I should/would like to dedicate an entire post to The Moth Podcast and write extensively about the amazing stories they feature. But the truth is: I lack the energy. Besides, how could I write about The Moth, which I haven't listened to that much, when I didn't even write about This American Life and Pop Culture Happy Hour?! Till the day I clear my head so that I can write about these podcasts, just keep in mind that I highly recommend them.

I really enjoyed Sheri Holman's Moth story, Rescue Mission (embedded above), and I hope you, accidental reader, will give it a listen. This story has some of my favorite elements: small town girl moves to the big city, the bum, the temptation of suicide. And as it is the case with pretty much all the stories featured both on The Moth and on This American Life, Rescue Mission is very well told.


From the series Oh Wow! I Had No Idea This Was Online: Samuel Beckett's Not I, brilliantly performed by Billie Whitelaw.

"so disconnected . . . never got the message . . . or powerless to respond . . . like numbed . . . couldn't make the sound . . . not any sound . . . no sound of any kind . . . no screaming for help for example . . . should she feel so inclined . . . scream . . . [Screams.] . . . then listen . . . [Silence.] . . . scream again . . . [Screams again.] . . . then listen again . . . [Silence.]" (You can read the entire play at

+ Julianne Moore's performance (dir. Neil Jordan) (I like Julianne Moore, and I'm sorry to say that her performance is nowhere near as strong as Billie Whitelaw's.)


And finally, from the series How Come I Didn't Know About This Band: Suicide. I'm listening to their first album right now, and I'm loving it. Plus: they have a song called Che (the lyrics don't paint a very flattering picture of Che, but I like the song anyways because it sounds incredibly good).

Suicide - Che

Suicide - Ghost Rider (live)

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