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My TIFF (cont'd)

music: Bright Eyes - Triple Spiral

TIFF 2011/ Day 5 - Cinema Victoria, posters

TIFF 2011/ Day 5 - Cinema Victoria, The Untitled Kartik Krishnan Project poster

TIFF 2011/ Day 5 - Cinema Victoria, Principii de viaţă Q&A w/ Vlad Ivanov & Constantin Popescu

TIFF 2011/ Day 6 - Cinema Arta

TIFF 2011/ Day 9 - Cinema Florin Piersic, Dacă bobul nu moare poster

TIFF 2011/ Day 9 - Cinema Florin Piersic, La Cérémonie poster

TIFF 2011/ Day 9 - Cinema Florin Piersic, Jacqueline Bisset & Tudor Giurgiu b4 the screening of La Cérémonie

I feel terrible for saying this, but I'm getting more and more disenchanted with TIFF. (It's not their fault, though. It's all me and my insecurities.) The festival got a bit too big for my taste and I don't recognize myself in their target audience anymore. But then again... maybe I was never part of their target audience. Everyone's so hip and cool and they go to dozens of movies and even find the time to blog about them, and they go to all these other events, and I feel so lame because I barely get to see about 15 movies, I have no idea what to write about them, and I almost never get to other events. And I'm def not cool. I mean, I was a Republik fan, so there's no doubt I'm TIFF fan (at least when it comes to the film selection), but with each edition, I feel more and more out of place. Or maybe it's just that this year I had to commute, which left me with no energy, and that's why I've been feeling like this.

Then, I hate to admit this but the fact that I didn't plan to meet up with anybody didn't exactly help with my mood - when I know I have to meet sm, I'll make the effort to get out of bed and go where I have to go even if I don't feel like getting out of the house, but if I don't, I'll be tempted to stay in bed all day. Almost every day after getting out of the movie theater I'd say to myself "so, that's it? I've seen a couple of movies and now I'm heading towards the train station to wait for an hour for my train? that's my day at TIFF, seriously?!". Um, yeah, I didn't even get to see R. or V. this week, and I haven't seen them in ages! I did run into A. a couple of times, I ran into a couple of college colleagues of mine and I got to watch a movie with one of them. And yesterday, I thought I saw M., and I texted him, and we agreed to meet after the screening of La Cérémonie. It turns out: the guy I saw wasn't M. So that was embarrassing. I so need glasses (but I don't wanna get glasses (T_T). Anyways... He was gonna see another movie; instead, we went for coffee. Which of course was nice, but since I'm dealing with a boring socially inept being here, it wasn't that great. I'm the worst conversation partner anyone could have, there's no doubt about that. No wonder I could never... Nevermind! ;)) The tv was on Realitatea, and at a certain point he was checking the news, so that tells you plenty about my conversation skills haha, ugh... The thing is: I don't really have anything to say. (Obviously, I wouldn't mind just listening to him, 'cause he has so many interesting stories, but I'm not that great at asking questions either. I didn't learn anything from My Dinner with Andre, now did I? Then again, I guess he doesn't wanna tell me stuff that's too personal, and I can respect that.) He didn't wanna believe me when I said I had nothing going on. He kept insisting that I must be working on some project that I didn't wanna tell him about, and that just made me feel even more embarrassed. I really am not working on any project. I wish I were but I'm not. And even if I were, it would probably be just another blog with zero traffic / echoes, thus not worth mentioning. Also: sometimes I'm under the impression he's losing his patience with me, and that makes me feel like a small child. But what else could I expect? I act like a small child, ppl treat me like a small child. Or maybe I just feel more self-conscious around him than around other ppl bcuz I know he doesn't like insecure ppl. Anyways, my insecurities and awkwardness put aside, it was nice seeing him again.

About four hours later:

I can't believe I had so many dreams in such a short time (I usually don't dream much), and they were all about TIFF...


When I was sifting through the very few and very bad pix I took during these days I noticed sth about the pic of the poster for La Cérémonie - the person reflected there, in the background, is C. - I recognize her striped t-shirt. I mean, I'm not 100% sure it's her, but I'm pretty sure it's her. I cannot believe I missed the chance to just say "hi" because I was taking silly pix of film posters!

One thing that's actually worth mentioning is that I got the special issue of APERITIFF, which comes with a DVD with Romanian shorts, which is perfect because I haven't seen them. When I opened the magazine I was like ohmygosh, the smell! the graphic design! it all reminds me so much of Republik! Of course, now one might get confused and think this issue of APERITIFF looks too much like DoR (it's designed by the same person) but believe me: it's like Republik.

Speaking of smells: the fact that each day I went to TIFF I had to spend three hours on a train didn't bother me that much, I actually finished reading a book, but the stench! I don't know what they're doing with these trains, why they're not cleaning them, but seriously, this stench, especially on Timişoara-Iaşi/Iaşi-Timişoara trains, must have formed some sort of entity that's been haunting me. I cannot get rid of that foul smell. I mean, I don't know if it stuck on me, like in that Seinfeld episode with the smelly car, or if it's somehow imprinted in my nostrils, but I'm serious when I'm saying that the train stench has been giving me nightmares. Sorry if that was TMI. f(^_^) Anywhoo...

One more thing I'd like to mention, and this time it's actually film related: I totally loved V Subbotu/Innocent Saturday, and sm had the nerve to tell M. that this film sucks, which only makes me more stubborn in my recommendation - if you ever have the chance to see V Subbotu, please, please, please watch it! If I don't take into consideration the films I had already seen before the festival, V Subbotu is the second best film I've seen at TIFF this year, following The Turin Horse, of course - Bella Tarr's film is the best in this year's selection, by far. In V Subbotu, the movement of the camera is very Dardenne-like, which might make you a bit dizzy, so I can see why the film might not get the attention of a big audience, but still, I think it's wonderful and I l-o-v-e it. Also: there's a rock'n'roll song in this film that got stuck in my head. I must have spent at least an hour googling this song, and I think I've finally found the original: V Chem Delo. However, I'll have to say that I like the version in the film better. (In the German trailer, embedded below, you can hear the song somewhere in the second half of the trailer.)

V Subbotu/Innocent Saturday (Aleksandr Mindadze, 2011)

(I cannot believe I started this post at around 4 a.m. and I'm only finishing it now. Geez, I'm so slow.)

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