Saturday, July 9, 2011

In which this goose goofs off, or: just a regular hiki day

music: Kaki King Live at The Blind Pig (June 29 2011)

Today I've moved my desk on the floor; I re:watched a Seinfeld episode for the nth time and two three and a half movies (the second half of Pasolini's Il Decamerone, Ro.Go.Pa.G. and the first two movies in The Thin Man Series) and concluded that was enough for today. So sitting there on the floor, like the Japanese, I thought I'd check my mail once more before shutting down all distractions and do some reading. Sounds like just a regular hikikomori day, right? Which is why this video sent to me via e-mail is very well targeted, I guess:

Thank you, Grant, for sharing your video with me.

This makes me happy - not just because it's funny and well made, but mostly because after having watched it I can conclude I still have a sense of humor about this whole hikikomori business. I truly believe that the moment I lose said sense of humor, things will have gotten too serious. Till then I can relax and have a laugh about it. When my brain allows me to do so, that is.

Now, I've never seen The Little Mermaid, so that reference is a bit lost on me. Also: I'm not an otaku, I don't play video games. However, there's one thing in that video I can relate to - being a hikikomori often means forgetting the basics of socialization. If there was a time when you had any social skills at all, which I doubt I've ever had.

Oh, and I certainly appreciate the Japanese subtitles. This reminds me, once more: I have to, I have to start learning Japanese again. Argh, all this procrastination is gonna turn me into a pickle get me into a pickle (oh. my. gosh. this is so embarrassing! I just realized I misunderstood this the first time, and the second time I read about this story - I actually thought the story was about ppl turning into pickles, which wouldn't be such a tragedy had I not written it in a text for DV! *face palm* I usually double-check, if not triple-check stuff; how the hell did I miss this?! Hm, this is ironic, isn't it? I don't know if it was because of procrastination or what, but not double-checking this kinda got me into a pickle, didn't it? This will teach me a lesson 'cause clearly, I don't know my idioms. Ufa, in just a few minutes I managed to go from being amused to being angry at myself.)

Goose Goofs Off

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