Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19: blue(berries)

music: Penny And The Quarters - You And Me *

Blue Valentine (Derek Cianfrance, 2010)
* After having read the story of this song I just couldn't resist the temptation of watching Blue Valentine again. The impact of some scenes wasn't as strong as the first time I saw it, but overall, Blue Valentine still caused me a huge heartache, which is so weird because I can't personally relate to this movie in any way. It's like a faux feeling of longing. Or it's probably just empathy for the two characters. Then, if I didn't have such a looong list of films I've never seen, I would watch Blue Valentine even for a third time, asap, just for the brilliant performances. Besides, who can resist the charms of the Gosling? (I might even watch The "Corny" Notebook just because he's in it.) And Michelle Williams has gotten so good over the past few years - it's a pleasure to follow her evolution. (I can't wait to see her as Marilyn.)


sorina said...

i couldn't and i admit, i did watch the notebook for precisely that reason. don't do that to yourself! half nelson, lars and the real girl are far, far better options for gosling indulgences.

plectrude said...

Having seen the trailer for The Notebook is just like having seen the entire movie ;)) So yeah, I might watch Half Nelson again - I did like that one. Plus: it's the very first Gosling movie I've seen.

varu said...

Talking about Gosling indulgences: how about Dead Man's Bones / Buried in the water?

plectrude said...

Oh, da. Când am citit că Gosling a propus piesa asta de la Penny & The Quarters, chiar mă gândeam că nu i-am mai ascultat de mult trupa - care, dacă bine ţin minte, nu suna deloc rău. :)