Friday, July 29, 2011

Last Friday: Mono (Japan)

music: M83 - Midnight City

Later edit: for a better account of the concert, from a music connaisseur, please read cherrypick's post at Babylon Noise.

(I'm only posting this now because my stupid effin Internet connection is working really, really bad. Actually, I'm on a night shift not because I want to, but because this is the only time I can be online w/out going insane from clicking the refresh button. Anyways...)

I'm pretty sure I've first seen the posters for Mono's concert in Cluj and thought they were just another Romanian indie band I wouldn't have patience for. Luckily for me, at a certain point I got curious about this Mono band, and checked the event page on And what a lovely surprise: it was a Japanese band! Then, I wasn't sure if I had listened to them before or not - because I do this: I'll listen to a band, like it, but then forget about it. My memory was telling me Mono was that one Japanese band I had found out about from Re:publik and it turned out she was right:

Mono - You Are There review (Re:publik, 2006)

I was a tiny bit nervous about going to this club alone but in the end I went with CC, yay. We were far away from the stage, right in the back, and at a certain moment I did try to get closer to the stage, but got stuck somewhere in the middle. So, no decent photos, just a few crappy ones (after the jump).

The concert was great, obviously. The problem is that I can't help but feeling that my tone-deafness doesn't exactly allow me to fully appreciate, understand and memorize instrumental music, no matter the genre. I could only recognize two songs they played (T_T). I wish I at least had their set list...) (Later edit: for the set list, check out the comments section! :)


cherrypick said...

Oh, thank you for the praise. I appreciate it :D

here's the setlist:
1. Ashes in the Snow
2. Follow the Map
3. Burial at Sea
4. Pure as Snow (Trails of the Winter Storm)
5. Sabbath
6. Halo
7. Moonlight
8. Halcyon (Beautiful Days)
9. Everlasting Light

plectrude said...

Aw, thank you, thank you, thank you! Dap, exact cum mă gândeam: prima şi a treia, pe alea le-am identificat corect :D