Saturday, October 15, 2011


music: Jay-Jay Johanson - On The Other Side

Just a few random thoughts, some too long for Twitter.

  • I think I'm going to puke a rainbow. If a story / movie is LGBTQ-themed is the rainbow / pink (or purple) / glitter absolutely mandatory? First of all: the message they're sending is that the story / movie is worth reading / watching just for the LGBTQ theme and that there's nothing more to it. Second: some (if not most) of these stories are really sad, and they're not gonna get less sad if you put a rainbow on them. Hey, I get it. They need sth to say "gay-friendly". But I don't know, I guess I'm sick of seeing rainbows and pink used to promote gay-themed stories that are supposed to be aimed at everyone, just as I'm sick of seeing pink used as a marketing tool for pretty much any product out there aimed at girls/women.

  • How many web sites do I have to follow in order to not get behind on the cultural news? Seriously! It's so frustrating. Radu Afrim has a new play at the theater from Satu Mare and I would've liked to go. Had I known earlier about it. And what the fuck is wrong with my googling skills? I must've spent an hour looking for the official page of this theater group.

  • Moi, earlier today: Uuuh, I'm going to write 12 pages on the awesomeness of Buffy. Moi, now: Sugar crash. Zzzz... Roger, c'est moi.

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