Monday, October 31, 2011

October 29: Târgu-Mureş. Afrim. Hoţul de oase

music: Lee Hazlewood - My Autumn's Done Gone

(the last three pix are edited with gimp. unfortunately, my crappy camera could not capture the awesomeness of the set, so I don't know, I guess you can google some better / official photos of the set.)

(the sets for Afrim's plays are all pure magic. the dark scary type of magic but still... you'd want to get lost a little in there.)

(darn! can I really not find any info on this play, Sparrow on the roof? like, has it been published? in which collection of plays? ugh, I guess my googling skills aren't what they used to be.)

(on my film blog: Fantezii regizorale, or just wondering how Adam Rapp's Winter Passing would look like had it been directed by Radu Afrim.)

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