Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 4: Is everyone hanging out without me?

music: Bright Eyes & First Aid Kit - We're Going To Be Friends (White Stripes cover)

Going out. Check.

I found out about this second hand store where they had music on vinyl and today I went in for a visit. Even though I didn't have high expectations, what I found there was more than disappointing. A bunch of German records, mostly from the 70s, hit songs and artists I've never heard of and would never be interested in. And in rest, junk, junk, and more junk. (That red reindeer would be nice as a Christmas decoration though, wouldn't it?) Actually, I'm pretty sure the owner goes in Germany and collects the garbage left on the roadside because all the furniture and electronics in this store look like the type of furniture and electronics that can be found on the roadside, abroad. Obviously, I haven't seen this myself - it's what ppl who've been abroad have told me. Today's little "adventure" outside my room might have been disappointing, but the important thing is: I went out. That's two days in a row. Oh wow, how I can wow myself.


+ The Arrested Development reunion (and the promise of a tv series + movie) - you can watch the reunion on The New Yorker's Facebook page.

(Taking advantage of this type of FB exclusives makes me feel so dirty. I check FB every day, several times a day because I guess it's become like a reflex but honestly, I don't know what I'm doing there anymore or why I even bother posting or "liking" anything at all. It's gotten to the point where I hate it. I really do. Oh wait. This section of the post was supposed to be about the things I like. Anyways, the point is I would totally quit FB if it weren't for these exclusives. Argh, trapped by my own addiction to pop culture.)

+ Bright Eyes and First Aid Kit Cover The White Stripes To Benefit South Africa

A song for kids / your inner kid and Conor's voice blended with the voices of the Söderberg sisters - is there anything more soothing than this? And it's so perfect for a sunny fall day. It makes me wanna take a notebook and a pencil and do some homework and then watch Sailor Moon dubbed in Italian.

+ Great Photographers Who Use Crappy Cameras - I cannot tell you how reassuring this Flavorwire piece is. There would be nothing more frustrating than spending lots of money on a DSLR and then realize that my pictures are as crappy as ever. Besides, I have to admit that I'm not really that interested in the technicalities of photography. So for now I'll hold on to my toy-like camera and maybe, just maybe one day I'll have a spark of creativity and come up with an interesting photo-project to occupy my time.

+ Mindy Kaling's website: http://theconcernsofmindykaling.com/ and her upcoming book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). (Well, I already know the answer to that question. Um, yeah, they are.) I'm looking forward to reading the book. Meanwhile, I've read this excerpt. I like Mindy's style - she's funny but her humor comes from a very honest, sensitive, sweet place. And that is so rare these days. I feel like a lot of comedians are trying too hard to be edgy and raunchy and most of their jokes are simply off-putting.

+ Speaking of comedy and book previews, Leslie Knope's Pawnee: The Greatest Town In America came out today. Entertainment Weekly has two exclusive excerpts from the book: "April's Guide to Hipster Pawnee", which unfortunately is not available online, and Ron Swanson's "The Solitude of Nature: A Diary", which can be read here. Ron's contribution to Pawnee is "typed on an Underwood 5 typewriter with original carriage return that I found in a dumpster and completely restored". Hm, I'm not sure who's the hipster here: April or Ron. Needless to say, this is yet another book I'm looking forward to reading. Knope 2012! (I can't help it. I have to, I simply have to say "Knope 2012!" every time I mention anything about Parks&Rec.)

If you have no idea who Leslie Knope is and how great Pawnee is you need to stop whatever you're doing, like right now, and go watch Parks and Recreation. You can thank me later. (How presumptuous of me to think anyone's reading this, oh my. Or that anyone would trust my taste in pop culture.)


This morning's feelgoodsong was PJ Harvey's Good Fortune:

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