Thursday, October 27, 2011


music: International Liszt Festival (Radio România Muzical, live from The Hungarian Opera, Cluj)

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Season Eight (#5 "The Chain"), Joss Whedon

Oh, you scared little girl, see, you're even disappointing Buffy. (Um, yeah, I'm talking to myself. I won't be surprised if in 40 years or less I am that lady you see on the street talking to herself.)

Sometimes I'm a completist. And sometimes that is not good ("not good". oh wow, what an immensely rich vocabulary do we have). Those lists of what to read / listen to / watch are getting longer and longer, while I don't know for how long I can keep this up.

Not to mention that I'm getting the itch. The itch to watch Buffy again. All seven seasons. And ohmygosh, I still haven't seen Angel.

Anyways, I'm loving the eighth season of Buffy, and I'm trying to finish it as soon as possible so that I can start reading the ninth season and be up to date.

Meanwhile, I'm begging you: watch Buffy. I know my text in DV is not convincing enough (and not as smart as I wanted it to be) so begging is all I have left. To say that Buffy is more than a vampire series is such an understatement, but I promise you: it's more than a vampire series.

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